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Asbestos Cancer:  Mesothelioma

Asbestos Cancer: Mesothelioma

Have you ever worked in construction?  Shipbuilding?  Mining?  If so, you and your family may have been exposed to asbestos.  There have been laws in place to protect workers from asbestos exposure since the early 1970s.  Due to lax enforcement and less than enthusiastic employers when it comes to bearing the cost of protection, there have been many people who were unknowingly exposed, through no fault of their own.

Moreover, the worker’s families may have been exposed if the substance was in the clothing and become part of the laundry heap, handled by other family members.

Back in ‘the day’, no one was watching out for your welfare on the job.  Employers gave you instructions and you followed them.  Why?  Because that is what was expected of you.  If you didn’t, someone else would have done it and you’d be out of a job.  Today, those employers would be termed negligent.  That term was unfamiliar then.  Manufacturers where also negligent.  They didn’t know it then.  Back in the day, certain mortality of the common man was acceptable and expected.  A part of the price of doing business.  Times have changed, thankfully.

Additionally, our sailors in the Navy were routinely working with asbestos piping insulation.  No one thought the Navy, or anyone else was negligent.  it wasn’t part of the vocabulary. 

If you are suffering with Mesothelioma (sometimes called asbestosis) or lung cancer exacerbated by asbestos -or, any form of a disease brought on by asbestos exposure, you may want to consider seeking a settlement from those that are now being held responsible for the manufacturing of, and/or the conditions under which it was utilized.

There are some class action law suits against some of these companies. Some are no longer in existence.  Certain law firms have a good track record in getting settlements for the victims.

Treatments for the symptoms of Mesothelioma can be a great financial burden on a family.  Your pain and suffering should be compensated for.  You traded your hours for labor on a certain project or projects. What you didn’t bargain for was the deterioration of your health.  Human nature is such that, if something doesn’t produce immediate effects, we try to ignore what we might sense is not good for our health.  

The good advice in this case is to seek retribution.  Your disease isn’t going anywhere.  You will have to deal with it.  If you seek compensation for your suffering, it is one small thing, perhaps, that will make you a little more comfortable.  The welfare of your loved ones may be a major consideration when weighing whether or not to seek legal help.

Effects of Asbestos in the Body

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